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The Noble Liars would like to thank the following for their support:


Web Master, Graphic Design

Jonathan Petryk

Lover, Father, Chef, and web Guru, this man has it all. Thank you Jon, for your excellent effort on this wonderful page. We send our love to you and yours.



Lucas Arundel

Arts, blogger, and video game enthusiast, Lucas has been heavily involved in the Saskatoon arts scene for many years. His photography can be seen all over the province and we are very thankful for his wonderful photography skills.


Web Hosting and No Agenda Records:

MrOil, GitmoSLAVE, Voidzero, Fral UK, Adam Curry, and John C Dvorak

Artists, shills, conspiracy theorists, media assassins, and Legislation Consultants formed No Agenda Records to help great musicians share their music freely amongst the world. Thanks for everything you guys do. Want to know more? Check out the links below!



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