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The Noble Liars


The Noble Liars. A group of 3 or 4 like minded musicians that love making good music. Influenced heavily by the organic rock of Canada, we consider ourselves Prairie Rock. Music is about passion and art and the desire to be your best. Enjoy our best efforts! Music licences by Creative Commons.

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Davin Burlingham

  Davin was born and raised in Saskatoon. He learned piano from Zane Hrynewich and guitar from Joel Grundahl. His parents were very supportive of everything except Nirvana at 3 a.m. His list of favorite artists includes Bob Dylan and Rheostatics. Davin is one of the most prolific song writers in the Saskatoon music scene, constantly coming up with unique and melodic songs. Davin’s passion is tempered by a practical side. He’s a devoted father and a lawyer during the day.




Mike Nicholaichuk

  Mike’s bass playing brings a solid combination of rhythm and rock that holds down the bands bottom end of The Noble Liars. With over 15 years experience on the bass alone, Mike grew up playing in marching bands, jazz bands, classical and garage bands, with variety of instruments and musical styles. His passion has never waned, as Mike continues to perform regularly with a number of bands and enjoys giving his best to The Noble Liars. Mikes second passion is building things, which he does as a Mechanical Engineer specializing in Uranium mining and processing.



Kurt Touet

  Kurt plays drums. Mysteriously. Kurt has been with the band since before day one. performing music for over 20 years, Kurt is trained in a variety of instruments, including classical piano. A contributing song writer, Kurt always performs with passion and heart.





Jasper Ave


From 2004  to 2007, the The Noble Liars existed as Jasper Ave. Jasper Ave was aptly named based on the location of the bands rehearsal space, which they still use. Jasper Ave wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced 2 early albums. It was a great learning experience for the band and helped them grow into their writing and recording shoes. Everything we are today we owe to this early rendition of our art.

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