The Noble Liars

The Noble Liars in Saskatoon on 07/17/19 at Taste of Saskatchewan.

The Noble Liars are writing a new album!

Holy Smokes we’re finally working on album #6. We’ve slowed down in our old age but still at it working away at new music. The Noble Liars recently had the opportunity to work with Jordan Smith, their old long time producer, to record a hot new song at BOGG Studios! We hope you enjoy this sample of our next works, Vespers!

The Noble Liars Live at Taste of Saskatchewan!

Hey Noble Liars fans! We’re once again playing the Taste of Saskatchewan festival in Saskatoon! Come on down and say hi on Thursday, July 19th, at 3:30 pm! New music coming soon!

The Noble Liars in Saskatoon on 07/19/18 at Taste of Saskatchewan.

The Noble Liars in Saskatoon on 03/11/17 at Piggy’s Pub and Grill.

The Noble Liars in Saskatoon on 07/15/16 at Taste of Saskatchewan.

The Noble Liars in Saskatoon on 07/13/16

What Goes Unheard. Noble Liars 5th album free to download!

Here is is in it’s final glory!

What Goes Unheard – The Noble Liars

Recorded at Sun Temple Studios.

Produced and Engineered by Jordan Smith

Mastered at Earwig Labs by Trevor Case!

Download, share, and enjoy!

What Goes Unheard, The Noble Liars 5th album, will be released for FREE!

Good day,

We want you to love our music as much as we do. It’s our passion, it’s our past time. We create for the fun of it and as such, would like to release our latest album 100% for free for your listening pleasure. We will start posting digital download links early in the new year. All we ask, is that if you enjoy, you share.

Thank you for all your support!

We are alive and kicking!

Hey Noble Liar Fans! Just an update! We’re alive and still rocking! We’re putting the finishing touches on our next album with Jordan Smith and we expect it out this fall! We’ve already started writing a 6th album and we’re looking for new recruits to join the band! We dearly miss Sayde and the fullness of sound a 4 piece brings so stay tuned for updates! This site will also get revamped this year with new photos, design and features! Check back regularly and we’ll keep you in the loop for any shows we might have coming up!

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